For your most beautiful day the hairstyle is paramount.
The first thing to evaluate when choosing a hairstyle, whether it be a wedding or a hairstyle in general, is the shape of the face.

About Bridal Hairstyles, the watchword is simplicity: Hair collected or semi-welcomed, the important thing is that they are as natural as possible.

No more fashion then the hair loose and dished, but well collected and studied in detail: water and SOAP style but in any case very cared for.
As far as hair accessories are concerned, the current trend includes large, very flashy flowers and luminous coroncines full of Swarovski.
The veil, always well accepted as it wants the tradition, perfect, if it is long, slightly pinned on the hairstyle that descends slipping along the body until it touches the ground.
And for the day of your wedding do not leave anything!