Dany Sanz and Jacques Waneph, companions in life and professionally, decide to create in Paris in
1984 a new professional brand.
Dany began his career at the age of 17 by attending the Beaux-Arts school in Paris, graduating later on
in painting and sculpture.
Her passion for art brings her closer to the world of makeup through the discovery of nightlife
Parisian; the drag queen shows, a world of soft lights and the nightlife of the capital’s neighborhoods
they capture the girl in a world of colors and pure visual expression, dragging her into what then
it will become a full-fledged work for you. Sanz begins to make up for theater companies, backstage and
little shows in the middle of the frenzy and the chaos that loves so much. She has declared several times “I am
profoundly urban artist “(In the deep I am an urban artist).

In our salons we use products “MAKE UP FOREVER”, to give the maximum to our customers and bring out from each of them their own side of femininity and authenticity.
Make UP FOR EVER is the professional make-up brand that provides performers with the products and tools needed to transform themselves onto the stage. We create highperformance products for make-up artists and make-upenthusiasts and for us “life is a stage: whatever your role, make up for Ever helps you recite it!”;
This brand serves artists, accompanying them in their performances, but it also helps women to reveal themselves for what they really are.

“Long-lasting waterproof tricks tested by the Champions Synchronized Swimming Olympics”