Beauty trends for man are now the order of the day.Apparently men are developing day-to-day fashions to go gobeating, in this field, even women. You go from the barbershop to make yourself beautiful, to have a cool cut with amazing effect. You choose the Professional barber, the one who studies the fashions of the moment, traveling between Italy and abroad, so as to learn new techniques of cutting and hairstyle. This we want to offer our men a special attention to all their needs and in this regard MZ hairdressers has dedicated a whole shop and concept thought for care of hair and beard.

Service Price
Man cutting with Shampoo 17€
Cut Boy with Shampoo 15€
Beard Trimming 14€
Full Beard with Blade with Warm Cloth 30€

Our Staff


Gabriele always ready to align with the new trends regarding the care of the man’s appearance and to offer the customer a service more and more precise and a breast of the times.
Long beards, short beards, cured with the utmost attention and relaxing shavings with towel wraps, hot and cold. The goal is to make the service a true ritual for men. All this, however, without neglecting the care of the hair, from a cutting machine, classic or comb and scissors from “oldschool” to offer the customer a service more and more accurate, attentive and continually linked to the evolution of fashions and trends. The result is a new and at the same time “vintage” way of understanding the service of hair and beard.

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