Service Description Duration Price
Fold Fold with the use of specific products for scalp and hair; use of drying products suitable for the type of hair. Variable Duration 19€
Woman Cut Study, design and implementation of the form. 30 minutes 21€
Children Cut Study, design and implementation of the form for the little ones (Age 0/12). 20 minutes 12€
Boy Cut 15€
Man Cut Study, design and implementation of the form. 30 minutes 19€
Coloration Root hair coloring service with oils and active pigments without ammonia. 1 hour 31€
Highlighting Hair coloring service with slow release color type. 1 hour 23€
Meches and sunstrokes From 15€
Permanent Treatment to change shape and structure to the hair, giving volume and making it curly. 1 hour 40€
Against Permanent 37€
Keratinic Ironing Beauty treatment to make your hair smooth! Variable duration Variable price
Hairstyle Consultation and realization of a temporary hairstyle of the hair according to the fashion, the event or the various contexts that the customer faces. 30 minutes 25€
Bride hairstyle Consulting, testing, preparation and home delivery service (Bologna and province) Variable duration 300€
Extension Elongation with 100% human hair to have a thicker and longer foliage. Different types for fixing! According to Quantity of the Locks
Eyebrow Arches 8€

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