Our Staff

MZ Hairdressers – Villafontana

Inside our living room in Villafontana you will find Barbara, Laura, Serena and Simona, professional and highly qualified, who deal with total women’s look, with particular attention to the latest trends.
Passionate about the craft, they know that fashion is not only for the catwalk but it can be lived in every day, in every gesture!
Color, cut, meches, facial aesthetics: all made to measure for you. You will find a work of creativity, a study on the slightest detail to enhance your beauty. We create, stir and bring tolight the fascination that distinguishes us for a final effect that will leave you speechless. Moreover, you will find who will take care of the look of your children, a service always comfortable and complete!


Since the age of 14 I am sure that I want to turn my passion into a profession, I have concentrated my long period of study and quality. After an initial training at Palmer, I began to study the feminine world in depth, moving between London, Chicago and Italy. I then opened two salons “MZ Hairdressers” in the province of Bologna, the first in 2004, the second in 2014 and the last in 2017, inside the agri-food Park F.I.C.O. as strongly convinced that the work ofthe hair dresser is based on technique, Talent and passion, I started to invest in my activity as a trainer, a strong and complex commitment, but it meets my goals and my desire to express creativity. The latter and my inclination to interpersonal relations have caused a very important collaboration to be born with Pivot Point, one of the world leaders in the training of hairstylers. The beauty of each person comes from the inner soul and has no